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Hi, I’m Emily.

I am a writer and blogger for companies in finance. I specialize in blogging for those in the finance sector — advisors, bankers and auditors. My writing can help you market your products and services to customers. And earn you more money.

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Why Content Matters

Think back to the last time you needed a mechanic or dentist or plumber. What was your first step? You researched local businesses online. Perhaps you went to Yelp or Angie’s List. Then you went to their website. And you got an overall sense of who they were.

You probably evaluated them on some of the following criteria:

  • Is this company trustworthy?
  • Do they offer what I need?
  • Were their previous customers satisfied?
  • Is their price equal to the value of the service?

Sound about right?

Of course it does. We all do it. The Internet empowers your customers to make better decisions.

The Power of Conversation

How you interact and engage with your clients has a larger effect on your bottom line than any other aspect of your finance business.

Why? Conversation builds trust. And people only buy services from businesses they trust — especially in finance.

More than any other writing on your site, your blog is a conversation between you and your customers — your audience.


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Why You Should Care About Your Sales Funnel

How you interact and engage with your customers has a larger effect on your bottom line than any other aspect of your business.

As a blogger, the writing on your website is usually the first thing a customer sees.

What Your Sales Funnel Looks Like


Every converted customer (those who make a purchase) go through at least 4 stages of interaction with your finance business:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Evaluation
  4. Purchase

If your customers are satisfied with your service, they will pass through the final stage of conversion: Advocacy. Those customers will refer you to their friends and family.

Only a small percentage of people will pass through all the stages. And at each level, you have an opportunity to retain customers’ attention.

I like to think of each stage as a gate. Every customer looking for a finance help must pass through all four gates before you can make money.

When done right, you convert strangers into advocates.

Stage 1: Awareness

This is where strangers become acquaintances. Someone may hear about you through a Google search, your blog or social media.

30-70% of people will pass through this first gate and go on to the next stage of interaction with you.

How do you retain customers at the stage? You provide a ton of finance information.

Give away your knowledge through your writing. Fill your blog with information on finance decisions, banking options, tax tips and more. (I’ll show you how to make your writing more engaging and attract more customers.)

Is that something you’d like help with?


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Stage 2: Interest

This is the first stage of your relationship. Potential customers return to view your finance writing content. You can build trust through consistent content, valuable information, personal engagement and free offers.

30-60% of people will continue on to the next stage. Consistency is key at this level of engagement.

The writing on your website has piqued their interest. Now you have to keep it. Try to capture your customers email address and regularly send them free finance advice.

Plug your blog content to keep them returning to your site. Blog regularly and make sure your writing is friendly and knowledgeable.


Stage 3: Evaluation

This is a crucial stage where people decide whether they are going to purchase your services and products. They may like reading your blog and follow you on Twitter, but long-form sales writing is the best way to convert customers. Your website, product information, client stories and testimonials will help inform customers how you can help them.

10-20% of people will decide your products and services are valuable enough to spend money on.

At this stage of customer engagement, it’s all up to your sales writing. Well-written, long-form sales pages do the best job of converting customers and earning you money. (I’ll show you how to make long-form sales writing work for you.)

Stage 4: Purchase

Once a customer sees value in what you offer, they’ll look to complete their purchase. Product launches, special offers and sales pages will direct people how to access what you offer.

5-10% of potential customers will actually go through with their purchase. This is where trust in you and your brand is critical. If a buyer hesitates, you risk losing their business.

Customers looking for finance help want to know you’re trustworthy. Ensure your customer knows where every button or link on your website is going to take them.

Add an image of a padlock to your contact form and purchase page. Place your phone number on every page of your website.

All these small touches make customers feel secure. When someone feels safe, they are much more likely to buy.

Stage 5: Advocacy

After a customer purchases your services or products, they’ll evaluate the value of your business. 1-5% of your customers will find your business valuable enough to recommend to friends and family.

Encourage your customers to share feedback directly on your website, via email, or through a third-party like Yelp.

Highlight customer stories and testimonials on your website. Follow up with loyal customers to see how they’re doing.

Advocacy and word-of-mouth is the most trusted form of marketing. Plus, it’s free! (I’ll show you how to set up a testimonial page and share your customer’s success stories.


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Your Bottom Line

For every 1000 customers who read your blog, 50-100 will purchase your products. Of those, 10-50 will refer new business to you.

What does this mean? Your conversion rate is important.

But your referral rate is even more valuable. When you invest in high-quality writing for your business, you create a growing referral network of advocates and evangelists.

Eventually, those referrals will support your business without an investment in marketing. At that point you may choose to scale and continue to grow or maintain your current size.


About Me

I believe writing is powerful. Especially in finance. More than any other factor, how a company communicates with its customers determines its success.

I’m passionate about sharing my best writing advice and resources with everyone in finance.

As a blogger, I regularly share new ways to engage customers and grow your business through writing. I share my best advice, tips and tools through email.

If you’d like to be the first to receive new guides and courses on finance writing, join me.


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I specialize in writing for companies in finance — advisors, brokers, auditors, bankers and more.

Through clear, clean, consistent writing, I market finance businesses. I teach companies how to increase brand-recognition, grow profits and build referral networks through reengagement.


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I write about finance for websites, blogs and online marketing campaigns. I’m retained by nationally-recognized companies and brands. Some of my most successful articles and blogs have been shared by over 4,000 people.

I founded Editing Emily in 2012 after six years in business development. I write for corporations and teach executives and their teams how to improve their writing and better communicate their services. Prior to Editing Emily I was a member of the award-winning Community Relations team of Florida Hospital, the flagship of the Adventist Health System. AHS is the largest not-for-profit Protestant healthcare provider in the US.

While writing for a PR agency, I managed public relations for Bright House Networks and the City of Sarasota. I’ve written and secured federal grants and pitched Fortune 500 companies like ExxonMobil and Florida Power and Light.


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    – Jane Portman, UI Breakfast

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