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(It's Not) About Me

I believe words are powerful.


"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

The first time I read that, it took my breath away. Using only 6 words, Hemingway tells a much deeper, emotional story. 

Words do more than convey a message. They shape perception. Words soften hearts and change minds. 

That is why I do what I do. 

I get up in the morning because I believe I can influence the way your customers interact with your business

I want to do more than sell your products. I want to establish customer relationships based on a deep emotional connection and mutual understanding.

Blogs take a business and make it human. I show customers the people behind your brand. Your passion. Your work. 

Blogs create a shared experience. And that is far more powerful than any 30-second spot on TV. 

What are you waiting for?


In my spare time, I'm a competitive powerlifter.

No, I'm not big and burly. But you'd be surprised at how many dentists show up to a powerlifting meet.

Powerlifting is hard work. There's no way to cheat. Your success in the sport is determined by how many hours you spend moving iron at the gym.

I've learned a lot on the short walk from the chalk bucket to the platform. Those lessons have formed the foundation of my work ethic. 

Work Ethic

My value system is based on 10 basic principles.

  1. Always show up.
  2. Smile, even on the bad days.
  3. Work consistently toward one goal.
  4. Appreciate slow progression.
  5. Learn from others.
  6. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.
  7. Setbacks are part of the journey.
  8. Ask for help when it's needed.
  9. Never, ever give up.
  10. Deeply value collaboration.

My Story

emily dowdle editing emily

I grew up in DC when our basketball team was still called the Bullets. (We're now the Wizards, if you're wondering.)

Life in DC has always been a little rocky. Remember when Marion Barry was elected Mayor after serving time on federal drug charges?   

Yea, that's my home town.

It's also the world's political powerhouse.  

Living next to the President is kind of awesome. I get to see fighter jets fly by on a regular basis. And occasionally a B-52 or stealth bomber. 

The truth is I'm surrounded by the rich history of our country and I'm incredibly proud. I love taking people on a different kind of March on Washington: "Emily's Sightseeing Death March."

I'll take you from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial and back in under 4 hours. And if you think that sounds easy, you've never walked the length of the Mall.  


When it came time to choose a school, I decided to get a little sunshine and go to the University of Central Florida. (Go Knights!)

I argued my way through 4 years of political science classes and loved every minute of it. I'm kind of famous for my pun-filled (not-very-funny) cheesy political jokes


When I graduated, I took the corporate route and worked in public relations for an ad agency, a hospital and a non-profit. (Which kind of sounds like the start to one of my lame jokes.)

Turns out I don't fit well into corporate culture. 

I like to push boundaries. And try new things. In my free time I read about how to become an entrepreneur and start a business. 

I took side jobs editing books (hence the "editing" portion of Editing Emily). Then I started writing website content. And blogs. 

I loved it. So I made the leap. And started working with clients full time. I've been writing blogs exclusively for businesses like yours for over 3 years. 

I'm always learning

I'm constantly learning new ways for you to acquire more customers and increase your revenue. Because you get to benefit from the strategies (and mistakes) of my other clients.

I'm not entrenched in your company culture. That fresh perspective makes all the difference. 

I want to transform the way your business blogs. Lower your customer acquisition cost. Improve your conversion rates. And earn you more money than you pay me. 

Because that's the value. My blog writing and content management services are cheaper and more effective than other forms of marketing. 


Let me show you what I can do. Schedule a conversation. It's very casual. 

Schedule an Online Appointment

I want to see if we're a good fit. And you'll walk away with some new ideas for your blog.  

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"Emily constantly delivered quality content for our blog. She worked well with the entire team, and I'll gladly recommend her and use her services on future projects."

Syed Balkhi | OptinMonster


“In a world full of variables you can always count on Emily’s consistent and reliable work. She always delivers high-quality and ready-to-go materials for my blog, website and email campaigns. I recommend Emily to any professional looking to build their online presence.” 

Helena Alkhas | A Personal Organizer


“Hiring Emily was one of the best decisions. Not only does she provide high-quality work and sound content advice, she is also
very responsive in communication, extremely reliable, and has great turnaround time. I highly recommend her for serious projects!” 

Jane Portman | UI Breakfast


“I am fortunate to have been introduced
to Emily. She is efficient, easy to work with, and never misses a deadline. More importantly, she can take an ordinary article or story idea and turn it into a masterpiece.” 

Contributor |


"Emily made everything go smoothly. She's a pro and a joy to work with. She met all of her commitments and deadlines, even on short notice. Pretty rare from my experience in the industry."

Jim Bickford | The American Comeback


"When I call, I always receive an immediate response. I am thrilled with Emily's professionalism and highly recommend her."

Desiree Bowers | Chance House


"I was blessed to find Emily. She has shown professionalism and great sensitivity to difficult topics. I really appreciate her insight and timely delivery. I recommend Editing Emily."

Mohamed Athie | Christian Author


"I really appreciate Emily's help, kind words and insightful comments." 

Viola Barry | Unraveled


"We are so lucky to have found Emily."

Michele Linde | A String Horse



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