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How to Hire an Editor for Your Book

Making the decision to hire an editor for your book is vital to your reputation as an author. 

First, congratulations on completing a book! Whether it's your first or your fiftieth, writing a book is no small feat. It takes an incredible amount of work and dedication and I commend you for your efforts!

The only thing harder than writing a book is selling a book. If you're self-publishing, this is an even more daunting task. For more on publishing through a traditional author, visit this post.

Self-publishing seems easy enough. CreateSpace, Amazon's e-publishing platform, is simple to use. You format your book, upload it and make millions...

You give it a day, nothing. You give it a week, still no sales. So what gives? Where's your millions?

Selling your book online requires two major efforts: a flawless book and extraordinary marketing.

I know a little about marketing books online, but it's not my main focus. My job is to ensure your book is PERFECT. Go to amazon and read any number of reviews of self-published books on kindle. Thousands of reviews complain about typos and errors.

I live in DC and I have dozens of friends that read exclusively on kindle while on their commute to work. I did an informal survey and found that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM have stopped reading a book and left a negative review because the book was wrought with errors. 

Typos, incorrect grammar and the bane of all editors -- misspelled words. These authors have great ideas, the stories they create are beautiful and deserve to be told. 

Unfortunately, they didn't take the time to research and hire an editor for their book.

You're not responsible for making sure your manuscript is readable, I am. Contact me today and we'll get started toward making your book fly off the virtual shelves!