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Penguin, Macmillan, Random House, Oh My!

Self-publishing doesn't suit you.

It's understandable. Self-publishing a book online is a challenging task. You want to publish your book through a traditional publisher, like Random House or Simon & Schuster. So, where to start?

The "big six" publishers are becoming increasingly difficult to be published through. They seek established authors with loyal followings and strong online presence. Many of their authors contribute to magazines, newspapers and blogs. 

Don't be discouraged. Stephen King was not born a successful author. It takes time and effort to put yourself in the position of being picked up by a major publishing house.

The great news: with the wide availability of online marketing and sales, more and more independent publishers are able to compete.

First, you'll need to research publishers to find who might be a good fit for your genre of book. Many publishers only work with specific genres or audiences.

Second, I HIGHLY recommend submitting your work to a literary agent. Agents take a small portion of your profits, usually 10-15 percent. I cannot recommend working with an agent enough.

Many authors submit to publishers and are turned down immediately. It's not because their book wasn't great; in fact, most likely no one even read it. Publishers are sent hundreds of manuscripts and samples a day. They simply cannot read them all. 

Additionally, most publishers feel that if you have not been selected by an agent, your book is most likely not suitable for publishing. 

Submit to an agent. They take some of your profits, yes, but if you want profits at all -- you need an agent. They are expert negotiators and they know the industry. Don't hesitate, do it.

Finally, if you're serious about publishing, I suggest hiring an editor to review your manuscript prior to submitting it to an agent or publisher.

But publishing houses have editors, why waste my money on an editor?

Great question. As an author, you write. And when most authors write quickly, trying to get a scene laid out or an action sequence written down, they miss a lot. 

Often, scenes are missing words, have misspellings, use too much or too little punctuation. It is impossible for an author to edit his or her own work. You just don't see the errors because you've seen the same words a hundred times. That's where an editor comes in.

I've spoken to agents and publishers that will refuse a manuscript due to too many grammatical errors. Unfortunately, mistakes speak to the skill of the author and the commitment of the author to seek help in elevating their story.

Editors are found in every publishing house. Freelance editors are hired by agents and authors everyday to review manuscripts for errors and to improve the readability of books. 

Hiring an editor to review your book is well worth the time and money. It will save you headaches later and improve your changes of being chosen by an agent and published.

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