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Recommended Reading

Self-Editing is a guide for authors editing their own manuscripts for submission to agents and publishers. Some authors seeking traditional publication don't need expensive professional editing, they need to be able to clean up their own manuscripts enough to be read by the agent or publisher, and not end up in a fancy, New York trashcan. 

Full of tricks of the trade and step-by-step instructions, Self-Editing includes the most common errors and a detailed grammatical guide with examples.

Strunk, White, Kalman

Referenced constantly by writers and editors, it is an excellent guide to writing’s best practices. It conveys the principles of English in an easy, witty way.

Chuck Sambuchino

An updated list of literary agents, their requirements and contact information.

Robert Lee Brewer

A list of thousands of publishing opportunities for writers with submission requirements and contact information.

Lynn Truss

A detailed look at punctuation and how it can affect the meaning of a sentence.