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Blogs have a higher ROI than any other form of marketing. let me show you why.


Want 4 times as many sales leads? 

Yea. You read that right. Quadruple. 

According to Hubspot, businesses who post more than 20 blogs per month receive 4 times as many leads as their competitors.  

That's increased market share. But more important: increased revenue.

Why? Google.

Google accounts for over 65% of all searches. If you don't show up in a Google search, no one is going to find you. 

blogs help customers find you

SEO and Google search

Ranking high in Google isn't optional. It's a requirement.

Marketing Sherpa found that 60% of people click on the first 3 organic links. Which means if your website ranks #4 in Google search results, you've already lost the attention of more than half your potential customers. 

That's brutal. But you're 100% in control of where your site ranks in search results. 

Search rankings aren't magic. Google uses your website's content — including your blog — to evaluate the relevancy and helpfulness of your website. 

If you're not relevant or helpful, you won't show up on the first page. It's just that simple. 

So how do you let Google know how awesome you are? 

A lot of it comes down to keywords. The more you use specific keywords and phrases, the more Google recognize you as an expert on the topic. 

You're probably thinking, Wait, that's SEO. Right?


Blogs & Search Ranking

SEO (search engine optimization) is a key component of how I approach blog content.

Blogs, search ranking and customer conversion rates are directly linked.

The more you blog, the more keywords are indexed on your site, the higher you'll rank in Google. The higher you rank in Google, the more visitors you'll convert into paying customers

Sounds great, right? Here's how it works. 

Blogs have an enormous effect on where your website ranks in Google search. 

  • Keywords and search phrases. Google relies on keywords to rank websites. Keyword-focused blog titles, content and metadata will help you climb to the front page of search results.
  • Number of pages indexed. The more pages you have, the more Google recognizes you as helpful and popular. 
  • Fresh information. Google loves frequently updated websites. It shows you're still around and still relevant.
  • Length of content. Longer blog posts educate readers. And indicate you're an authority on the subject. (Plus, more opportunities to use those keywords!)
  • Links. Internal links increase the search strength of both pages. And, when used in moderation, outbound links build trust. They show you want readers to learn more, even if it means leaving your website. 


Blogs are the most powerful way to acquire customers through inbound marketing.

Unlike advertising, attention you get from blogging is earned. You're not buying someone's attention. You're engaging them through your site's content. 

Blogs are interactive. For the first time ever, you can talk with customers — not at them. These conversations build relationships. And earn customer loyalty. 

Customers come to you

The days of wasting advertising dollars are over. Customers initiate the conversation through search, site referrals and social sharing. It's up to you to close the deal.

Standing out is a good thing. It's celebrated. Your brand is unique. And people love that. Your blog humanizes your business. Especially when you show off your personal style.

Every great blog writer is a master of the art of persuasion. You're not just a business. You're a brand. You provide value. 

Skip the sales pitch. Persuade. Show everyone why you're better than the competition.


Blogs don't just bring users to your website. Blogs convert readers into paying customers.

Your customers are smarter than ever before. 79% of customers spend time researching products before they purchase (Power Reviews).

Most first-time site visitors won't click that buy button.

It's not because they don't like your products. They're just not ready to buy. Yet.

Your customers need you to persuade them.

Show them why you provide more value than your competitors. 

According to Hubspot, 2/3 of marketers say their company blog is "critical" to their business. 

Why? Because blogs serve as a sales platform for your brand

What blogs can do

  • Educate and inform. Address your customers' challenges. Show how you can solve their problems. Highlight your product line. Then ask readers to convert into paying customers.
  • Entertain. First impressions are lasting. Your blog should humanize your brand. Connect with your audience. Build customer relationships through friendly dialogue. 
  • Showcase expertise. You become an industry authority when your blog reflects your extensive knowledge. Once that trust is established, you'll be viewed as the best in the business. Your competitors won't stand a chance.

Calls To Action

Customers don't convert on their own. You have to show them how. I close every blog post with a specific call to action. Something your customers can do right away to act on what they've just read.

It may not always be "Buy Now." Here are a few calls to action I use to increase my customers' revenue over time.

  • Read more. Keep users on your website by directing them to a related blog post.
  • Subscribe. Email marketing is a powerful way to retarget leads and convert customers. 
  • Buy now. First show customers the value of your products. Then show them how they can get started. 


The value exceeds the cost

Blogs cost 61% less than advertising

Advertising was made for the big guys. Large corporations with huge budgets to waste. 

Entrepreneurs like you can't afford to waste money. Every dollar you spend on advertising is a dollar you can't invest in your business. 

Blogging costs less and gives you better results. Why wouldn't you invest in your blog?

Limit expenses

My blog writing services are designed to give you the highest return on investment possible.

You know exactly what you'll spend. And exactly what you'll get. Every month. There are no surprises or unexpected invoices. 

Increase Revenue

My blogs entertain and educate. I'll show your leads the value of your products and services.

Strategic calls to action encourage blog readers to purchase.

Blogs include:

  • Internal links. I point readers to other blogs and pages. And keep them on your website. 
  • Email opt-ins. I use email marketing to retarget site visitors. I'll show readers how to sign up for your email newsletter and other promotional emails.
  • Where to purchase. Once trust is established, I'll give readers more information on how to buy.

But it doesn't stop there. 

Even after a customer converts, I'll continue to retarget them. Returning customers increase your profits without any acquisition cost.

That's win-win.

See Results

Conversion rates. I'll track your conversion rates closely to find what works. As your audience grows and your search ranking improves, you'll see a significant increase in your conversion rates. 

Google Analytics reports. Metrics determine my long-term strategy for your blog. I'll use your website's analytics to make decisions like what to write about and which keywords to use.

Search ranking updates. I'll keep track of how you stack up against your competition. And keep you updated as your website climbs to the front page of Google search results.

Are You A Good Fit?

My blogging services are designed for entrepreneurs and business owners with established companies.

I don't work with bootstrapped startups or entrepreneurs who lack adequate funding. I feel it's more important for you to prove your idea than put money into marketing before you make your first dollar.

We can work together if...

You have an established revenue stream and understand your customer.

The content I write isn't chosen at random. It's strategically planned to ensure I engage your unique audience. And give you the results you want.

What you already know about your customers — quantitative data and anecdotal experience — influences everything from the blog topics I write about to my writing style. 

You know the value of great blog content. And believe inbound marketing is a worthwhile investment.

I take your investment seriously. I collaborate with the same clients for years because they know I consistently deliver the results they want. 

I work tirelessly to ensure I meet and exceed the expectations of every client. Working with me is hassle-free. I respond to every email and return every call. 

If you're looking for the cheapest option out there, I'm not it. My prices reflect my experience in content marketing and the value I bring your company. 

You understand it will take 3+ months to see results. 

Blogging won't make you an overnight success. It takes time to improve your conversion rates and increase your revenue. Every blog takes you one step closer to your goals. 

I'll carefully track your search rankings for targeted keywords and phrases. After 3 months, you'll begin to see improvements. Those results will continue to compound over time. 


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