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About Editing Emily

What we believe

Editing Emily serves authors — those self-published and those seeking traditional publication. We work with authors to ensure that their work is conveyed exactly the way they dreamed it. We edit for all genres—everything from children's books to adult fiction. 

We believe grammar is a framework to free authors, not constrict them. We believe the language shouldn't be a barrier to an author's creativity.

We work with authors to ensure their voice — their story — is conveyed to readers the way they want it told.

How can we help you?

We offer copy editing, content editing and ghost writing. We review your book for grammatical errors, as well as ensuring your story is consistent in plot and character development. We offer suggestions to improve readability and will help you restructure or reformat your book for maximum benefit. 

We are veterans of the publishing world and we're here to help you tell your story. Let us know how we can help you today. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch within 24 hours — guaranteed. 

Emily Freeman

Emily, our lead editor and founder, was a corporate writer and public relations consultant prior to founding Editing Emily in 2012. Emily fell in love with writing as she was working on her thesis on foreign policy in the Middle East. She realized that through writing, ideas, dreams and stories can be shared with friends and strangers alike. As a public relations consultant, Emily worked with companies like Florida Hospital, America's busiest hospital, and Bright House Networks, Florida's leading cable company. Emily wrote and edited corporate communications including press releases, op-eds and internal memorandums as well as assisted with crisis communications and media relations.  It was through public relations that Emily became an expert in the Chicago Manual of Style and Associated Press Style of writing. 

Emily's knack for picking up grammatical errors and vast knowledge of English, coupled with her ability to convey stories efficiently and clearly, make her a leading editor for authors. Emily is passionate about her client's stories and works tirelessly to ensure excellent results.

Our publishing partners include:

Dancing Fox Publishing — “We publish books – dreams do come true.”



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does editing cost?

Click here to view services and pricing. If you are interested in self-editing, consider purchasing Self-Editing: How to Edit Your Own Book and Save Money.  

How long does it take to edit my book? 

It depends. Shorter books can be edited and returned for you ready for publishing in 2-3 weeks. Longer books and series can take 4-5 weeks. We're kind of perfectionists and thorough editing takes time. If you have a specific deadline, let us know. 

Is my book protected? 

Yes! We provide every author a written contract and non-disclosure agreement. Your work will never be reproduced or shared without your permission. 

Do I retain the rights to my book? 

Yes! CreateSpace's author contract unfortunately requires authors to sign over the rights to their book to Amazon. This denies you the opportunity to make 100% of the profits and prevents you from publishing through a major publishing house later on. Authors that work with Editing Emily retain 100% of the rights to their book. 

What experience does the team at Editing Emily have?

Between us, we have over 100 years experience. Emily, our lead editor, is an expert proofreader. She has worked in PR and edited for dozens of popular authors. Barry, our cover designer, is an award-winning designer and creates brilliant covers. Tyler, our book trailer producer, is a talented video artist, certified in Pro Tools and a member of ASCAP. Jon, our web developer, has produced hundreds of websites and specializes in promoting authors online. To speak to anyone on our team, contact us.

Why should I choose Editing Emily?

We are a value. Vanity publishers such as CreateSpace often charge upwards of $5,000 for editing your manuscript. Editing Emily provides expert editing for your manuscript at a fair price. 

We provide every service. Editing Emily provides editing, formatting, cover design and promotions. For a detailed and personalized estimate, call (727) 460-5708. 

We never outsource your work. Every manuscript is edited by an expert English speaker in the United States. Many editing services outsource the editing of your manuscript overseas to non-native English speakers. More often times than not, this is a waste of your hard-earned resources. 

We know the industry. We can help you navigate the traps of the publishing world. We want to see you succeed and will do our best to refer you to talented professionals to assist with everything from publishing to cover design and marketing.  

We care about our clients. We are passionate about books and authors, which is why we're in this business. We will do everything we can to help you along your journey. 


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Full of tricks of the trade and step-by-step instructions, Self-Editing includes the most common errors and a detailed grammatical guide with examples.

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