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Editing Services


Proofreading is a review of your manuscript to look for basic typos and misspellings. Proofreading is often the final step before a book is published. If your book has already been edited or has been thoroughly reviewed by the author, proofreading may be the best option for you.

Proofreading cost

$2 per 350 words

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a thorough review of your book for grammar. Following the Chicago Manual of Style—the format most preferred by publishers, agents and readers—your manuscript will be reviewed for misspellings, punctuation, grammatical errors, typos, spacing and more. Copy editing guarantees a flawless manuscript and a smooth read for your audience.

Copy editing cost

$4 per 350 words

Content Editing

Content editing is a review of your manuscript for character consistency, story clarity. Content editing takes a fine tooth comb to your story, ensuring that the story you want told is what is conveyed to your reader. We make suggestions on how to restructure sentences and paragraphs for clearer reading. We also ensure that each character has a unique voice, adding depth to your story. If you've completed your first book or would like a fresh pair of eyes to review your story, content editing may be the best option for you.

Content editing cost

$6 per 350 words



If you're using an online publisher, such as CreateSpace, and need your manuscript formatted in a particular manner, we can help. We're experienced in formatting and styling. Contact us to let us know how we can help you.

Formatting cost

$100 per manuscript

Writer's Coaching

Perhaps you're new to writing or are suffering with writer's block. As a writing coach, we are available to review your work, speak to you about where you want the story to go, brainstorm with you and make suggestions. We serve as your partner and will stand with you as a resource and friend as you complete your masterpiece.

Writer's coaching cost

$40 per hour